Oligonucleotide Pool Library

Oligonucleotide Pool Library

As per the research study by Report Ocean, the Global Oligonucleotide Pool/Library Market is expected to register a growth of about 9.4% during the forecast period 2019-2024. 

Some major Oligonucleotide Pool Library market players were included in the research report compiled by Report Ocean. The company profiling plays a major role in the market study, it helps to analyze the intensity of market competition among top market players along with their revenue share and market profit contributed by each manufacturer in the report. Company profiling include company overview, product portfolio of the company, competitive strategies adopted by market players to acquire majority of market share, financial performance of the company, business performance of the company, SWOT analysis and other important dynamics.

Companies included in the Global Oligonucleotide Pool/Library Market research study are Denko Avecia Inc., Integrated DNA Technologies, Roche NimbleGe, Eurofins Genomics, L.G.C Biosearch Technologies, Illumnia, Sigmaaldrich, Eurogentec S.A and Agilent.


Agilent was founded in 1999 and the company is based in the United States. The company operates under six major segments: Research, Chemical and Energy, Diagnostics, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental, Food and Forensics. Whereas, applied chemical markets, diagnostics and life sciences are the major expertise of the company. Oligonucleotides products are provided by the company under Diagnostics and Genomics business segment. Company have global footprints that include Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe are the major areas.

Strategical Overview of the Company

On June 2019, Business Expansion: Agilent Technologies has opened a new production plant of oligonucleotide in the area of 12,500 m2 at Frederick, Colorado and cost around $185 million. The expansion in production capacity aim towards increasing demand of DNA and RNA molecules developed by biotech firms. The sites are equipped to manufacture oligos for immune-stimulating, RNA interference and antisense therapies and other important aspects.


Eurogentec was founded in 1985 and the company is based in Belgium. The company is a subsidiary of Kaneka Corporation and formally titled as Kaneka Eurogentec S.A. The company deals in wide range of medical products and related services. The product range of the company include kits, reagents, customs service, specialty products in the field of diagnostic markets, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science. Oligonucleotides products are provided by the company under life science business segment of the company.


Sigma-Aldrich was founded in 1975 and the company is based in the United States. Merck is the parent organization of the company. It operates as a biotechnology and life science company and offers biological and chemical products. Also, the business segments of the company include packaging services, custom weighing, research and laboratory support. The company have brand portfolio of ~300,000 products due to combination of Sigma-Aldrich and EMD Millipore in 2015.

The market research report compiled by Report Ocean on the Global Oligonucleotide Pool/Library Market offers a detailed and strategic market analysis considering company’s business performances, studying the performance specific to market and its impact at global level.

Company details and profiling provide detailed insights about financial position of the company, while quantitative and qualitative analysis provide the better strategical overview and growth prospects of the market.

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