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Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, has already arrived. Briefly put it refers to the current trend of automation and data exchanges in manufacturing technologies. Big data, analytics, and the latest technology all will play a big role in differentiating between winners and also-rans. The business environment- comprising of opportunities, challenges and threats- is in a constant state of flux. Creative destruction through new discoveries and innovations is at peak leading to major disruptions and upheavals. In this turbulent world, literally, knowledge is power. While resources are almost equally accessible, the winning goal may be scored by the first mover who outpaces others due to his nimbleness and prior access to knowledge about an emergent opportunity. RO Blog helps you in connecting with the ever metamorphing landscape of information, knowledge, and wisdom converted into productive insights. Our team of in house analysts with its vast knowledge and experience constantly scavenges the areas of economics, business, commerce, finance, technology, healthcare, aviation…. The list is indeed very long. We provide you with up to the minute winner takes it all information that may enable you to change the rules of the game through agile, intelligent, and better decision making.

Since we are constantly pouring over literally hundreds of sources of information in fields which may be of relevance to you it has become second nature for us to collect, collate, analyze and disseminate industry specific latest information to track new and pertinent discoveries, innovation, consumer trends, and other developments on both demand and supply side of the market that should allow you to outcompete your potential and actual rivals. Thus, we will tell you about a new disease diagnosis and potential treatment that may offer a market opportunity, new and emerging demand for oncoming products, or formation of partnerships by other companies that may have a bearing on your working. We have literally thousands of ready to access and use research reports which can be further customized to suit individual needs.

Meet our Editor

K.K. Srivastava – Head of Editing

K.K. Srivastava is an academic, author, prolific writer and researcher. Presently he teaches at Delhi University, India, courses in Economics and Management. He also runs his own consulting company K3A Advisory Services Private Limited. KKS started his professional life with a communication agency Niche communications where his responsibilities included providing strategic inputs for marketing communication of brands like Tata Raytheon, Lurgi, Economic Times, Times of India etc. Later he worked with his colleague and partner to provide backgrounders on Indian economy, polity and society to media groups like the New York Times, German TV, BBC and so on. Thereafter he worked in partnership with a training consultancy, The Third Millennium Business Resource Associates, where he actively engaged himself in training the staff, in soft and hard skills, at Escorts, Carrier Aircon, IBP, Delphi, JK Group and many more. Finally, for past 3 years he has been co-anchoring senior management level workshops. This he tops up with consultancy assignments in the field of management education.

KKS has more than 60 articles and research papers to his credit on diverse topics in Economics, Marketing, Advertising, Human Resource Management and Environmental studies. He was a consulting editor to India Economic Review, an academic journal, published by IIPM Think Tank. He also was writing a regular column for another magazine, 4Ps Business and Marketing published by Planman Media for nearly 6 years. Besides, he was also editing a casebook magazine. The Theory i Management, again published by Planman Media. He has authored a text book on Consumer Behavior for MBA students and another one on the same subject for undergraduate students. Right now, he is working on two manuscripts, one on Geopolitics and International Business and the other on Advertising Management. These titles should be on the book shelves before the calendar year is over. He has developed a number of original case studies, which are being extensively used in classroom and training programs anchored by him and others.

Over a career spanning nearly three decades now he has taught at Delhi University, PGDAV college, Lady Irwin College, Delhi University South Campus etc. guiding undergraduate and postgraduate students for their academic and research studies. Besides, he has visited many business schools (Amity, International Management Institute, Institute of Management Technology, IMS, and others) to mentor MBA level students.

He has been consistently rated very high by his students and clients. He has won the best teacher award many times. He was adjudged the best national level teacher in Marketing Management in a contest held by Star News, a media house, in February 2011.

KKS holds an Honors degree in Economics which he topped up with a Master’s in Business Economics. Then he went on to successfully complete M.Phil. (International Business). Currently he is enrolled for a doctorate degree program at Delhi school of Economics, Department of commerce, for building his thesis on Green Marketing.

KKS is on Board of Governors, Sun City Schools, a chain setup by Zee Group. He is also mentor to the website www. researchocean.com KKS firmly believes that knowledge is a unique resource pool which multiplies when shared. Therefore, he likes to engage himself in this pursuit through his writings, teachings, training programs and other interactive platforms. His current areas of interest remain Applied Economics and Management. He takes pride in declaring that his students and clients are the best endorses of his sincerity of purpose and executional skills.

Pragya Niranjan - Manager

Pragya is an experienced content writer and editor in Market Research Industry. Her work profile include writing research-driven content of various domains and refinement of final documents. She is specialized in Energy domain with Masters degree in Energy Economics from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies.

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