Rise of the Telecommunication Industries to Boost the Growth of India HDPE Pipes Market for FTTx Industry

India HDPE Pipes Market stands ahead of the traditional form of pipes for its flexibility and lightness. The pipes are very light and thus can be handled easily. In place of the iron and heavy plastic pipes, it is quite convenient for some of the industries to use items from India HDPE Pipes Market market. Moreover, the materials used for preparing the pipes are non-reactive. As a result, it can be used in chemical industries also to transfer harmful chemicals safely. 

The uniqueness of the pipes is the core element that keeps the profit margins soaring high. Some of the industries need these features for their proper functioning. For instance, in telecommunication sectors, other pipes will fail to prove themselves swift and efficient because of their thickness and weight. However, the HDPE pipes are quite popular here and thus the CAGR reaches 11.2% and is expected to stay for the forecast period from 2019 to 2026.

Market Segmentation

Without the segmentation, the base of the India HDPE Pipes Market is quite fragile. It is the segmentation that strengthens the grounds on which the future market will stand. This endeavor is carried out by thoroughly studying the current India HDPE Pipes Market and preparing suitable prospects to work upon for the future market.

First, the segments of India HDPE Pipes Market are formed by type. Depending on the type, the segments of India HDPE Pipes Market are primarily Standard Ducts, Micro Ducts, Pathways, and others.

Secondly, industry vertical is another factor that helps in segmenting the India HDPE Pipes Market. This segment includes the different parts of the industry where India HDPE Pipes Market is actively present. They are Telecom, Power, Transport, and Building & Infrastructure.

Lastly, the application areas complete the process of segmentation for the India HDPE Pipes Market. The application areas are the localities where India HDPE Pipes Market is used for drainage purposes. It is found in Mobile Backhaul, metropolitan cities and backbone regions.

Regional Market

The India HDPE pipes market for FTTx industry is benefiting much from the participation of several market players present in the country. These players are getting the benefits of the infrastructural changes that is taking place in telecom, transport, power, construction, and other sectors. Telecommunication has emerged as a major need in the country as the government initiatives are focusing on substantial changes across industries. Both private and government investments in the market are going to fetch revenues for the market.

Competitive Landscape

A healthy competitive landscape is needed for every market. This helps to stay keep the urge to constantly add features to their existing industry and do better. The major market players in case of India HDPE Pipes Market who exhibit such interest are Dutron Group, Miraj Pipes & Fittings Pvt. Ltd., Gamson India Private Limited, Nagarjuna Polymers, Apollo Pipes, Mangalam Pipes Pvt Ltd, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Berila Electricals Pvt Ltd., Eonn Plast India, and Alex Pipe India Pvt Ltd.

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