Healthcare Chatbots: From Spreading Awareness to Treating Patients

Chatbots are the software that simulate conversation between human and artificial intelligence through an application such as siri for Apple, google assistant, swelly for Facebook messenger etc. Chatbots are already powered by machine learning and basic rules. They are used in various sectors such as banking and commerce. But in recent years, chatbots experienced a high demand in the healthcare sector. In context of healthcare sector, the system provides personalized health and therapy information on various products and services to patients, as well as it suggests diagnoses and recommend treatments based on patient symptoms. Chatbot helps in maintaining a relation between company and its customers. Global Healthcare Chatbots Market is witnessing an exceptional growth, as it accounted for $116.9 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $345.3 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 14.5% during the forecast period 2019 to 2026.

The Global Healthcare Chatbots Market is divided into various segments based on application, deployment, end user, and region.

  • Based on application, the market is segmented on the basis of symptoms check, medical and drug information assistance, appointment scheduling and monitoring and other applications.
  • Based on deployment, market is segmented on the basis of cloud-based and on-premise based.
  • Based on end user, market is segmented on the basis of healthcare provider, healthcare player, patient and end-user.
  • Based on geographical segmentation, the global healthcare chatbots market is studied among North America (US, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, France, UK, Italy , Spain and rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, India, Australia, South Korea, and rest of Asia-Pacific) and LAMEA (Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and rest of LAMEA).

Dynamics of the Global Healthcare Chatbots Market

Healthcare Chatbots Market have seen a dramatic growth as Chatbots are cost-efficient tools that save hospital operational cost by reducing number face to face appointments from doctor and reduce waiting time of patients. Other factors which support the market is availability of high bandwidth internet connectivity and increasing adoption of smart devices. Moreover, the healthcare chatbot service is available for patients 24×7 and it’s easy to use. Increasing awareness related to usage and benefits of using healthcare chatbots is bringing lucrative opportunities for the global healthcare chatbots market. However, patient still doubt the efficiency, effectiveness and trustworthiness of chatbots which hinder the growth of healthcare chatbots market along with the problem of data privacy.

Major Players Covered in the Healthcare Chatbots Research Study are:

Infermedica, sensely, ADA digital health, Babylon, healthtap, your.MD, Baidu, buoy health, PACT CARE, woebot labs and GYANT among others are some major players included in the research study of the global healthcare chatbots market.

Healthcare Chatbots Market is gaining huge popularity amongst patients and healthcare providers. Also, attracting investors, owing to its advanced technology and easy-to-use interface.  Portea medical along with verloop and the government of Goa—State of India—launched cobot-19 information and awareness Chatbot.  Sarva has launched a 14-day immunity builder via Instagram LIVE yoga sessions programme on their Instagram handle worldwide. On an average this platform is offering around 7.5k live sessions over a period of month in across 25 countries. Lybrate good advice launched their app to let people consult with doctors online and book appointments with healthcare experts. On an average doctor are solving 100 queries a day. Vcs company has invested 800 million dollars in 14 known startup of healthcare Chatbots.

Impact of Coronavirus on the Global Healthcare Chatbots Market

Coronavirus pandemic outbreak has shown its impact across all over the globe. The pandemic has impacted the demand of healthcare chatbots in a positive manner. For instance, WhatsApp launched a chatbot to create awareness about coronavirus and to curb misinformation. Facebook synergize facts from credible sources and put it in the public domain through popular messaging platform WhatsApp. In last two months, 3 lakhs more customers have been successful onboarded via WhatsApp chatbot. This activity is expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the Healthcare Chatbots Market. Moreover, as the lockdown prevail in major parts of the world, healthcare chatbots are proved as an essential software for patients to get medical advice at home.

Healthcare Chatbots are witnessing high demand across globe. With advancement in technology and availability of good internet connectivity, the healthcare chatbots are proved to be more effective to provide a solution for simple medical issues at home. It also helps in medication management to overcome an Emergency situation.


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