The Global Cannabis Food & Beverage Market is expected to grow with ~27% CAGR during the forecast period 2019-2026. The market value was accounted ~$425 million in the year 2018.

Consumers are shifting towards healthy alternatives from sugar-filled drinks and availability of cannabis-infused beverages is attracting a major chunk of customers. Also, increasing disposable income and rising awareness among consumers boost the Cannabis Food & Beverage industry growth over the forecast period.

Future Outlook

Rapidly changing legalization pattern over the usage of Cannabis implies that within the next decade, consumer can easily use cannabis products in their daily usages. Cannabis acquired the position in the health and wellness space and food and beverage manufacturers are required to focus on this trending ingredient. The wide application of cannabis and its range of impacts require proactiveness of market players to tap the upcoming market opportunities.

Some major market players present in the global Cannabis Food & Beverage Industry are The Alkaline Water Company, Koios Beverage Corp., The Supreme Cannabis Company, General Cannabis Corp., Lagunitas, Beverages Trade Network, Coalition Brewing, New Age Beverages Corporations, Dixie Brands Inc. and Natural Extractions.

The Alkaline Water Company

The Alkaline Water Company was founded in the year 2011 and the company is based in the United States. The company markets, distributes and produces alkaline water and flavored bottled alkaline water. The product offerings of the company include Alkaline88 product in range of volumes. The company sells its products through distributors and brokers to retailers such as retailers, large ethnic markets, natural food products stores and convenience stores.

October 2019, Expansion: The Alkaline Water Company announced the establishment of A88 Infused Products Inc., which is wholly owned by Nevada corporation. A88 Infused Products Inc. produced range of topical CBD infused products include CBD infused Soothing Salve, CBD infused Lip Balm, CBD infused Hydrating Body Lotion, CBD infused Hydrating Hand Lotion, CBD infused Essential Oil Roller and CBD infused Bath Salts. Alkaline88® is available in all 50 states of the U.S. in over 40,000 retail locations.

Koios Beverage Corp.

Koios Beverage Corp. was founded in the year 2002 and the company is based in Canada. The company along with its subsidiaries distributes, markets and produces nutritional supplements and functional beverages in the United States and globally. The company also offers cannabis-infused beverages and also company’s all other products are available in ~4,300 retail locations of the United States. Formerly company was known as Super Nova Petroleum Corp. and afterwards it changed its name to Koios Beverage Corp.

On September 2018, Product Launch:  Koios Beverage Corp. announced to launch products under the product line of beverages. The former beverage is a combination of proprietary nootropic stack and cannabidiol (CBD)— a first of its kind in the industry.

Company profile section of the research report titled ‘Global Cannabis Food & Beverage Market’ detailed more about companies and their offerings. Also, companies were studied on the basis of their market-specific performance as well as individually. To get insights about our studies and analytical findings, visit us at

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